Aciphylla glaucescens Image
Aciphylla glaucescens

Aciphylla glaucescens

Family: Apiaceae   

Gemeinsamer Name: Blue Speargrass

Gemeinsamen Synonymie:
Feathery Spaniard

Klimazone: 7b     Sehen Sie sich die britischen und amerikanischen Zone Karten

Aciphylla glaucescens Informationen

Very large dense tussocks of flaccid divided bluish leaves up to 1.5m in length, the segments very long and narrow, about 4mm wide. Stems very stout, up to 2m tall with an oblong racemose inflorescence bearing long spreading spines. Lowland and hill grasslands, both main New Zealand islands.

Allgemeine Informationen:
Requires cold stratification and germination can take over a year.


Heimisch in, New Zealand

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