Aloe chabaudii

Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae   

Gemeinsamer Name: Keine bekannt

Wissenschaftlichen Synonymie:
Aloe chabaudii var. verekeri

Klimazone: 9b     Sehen Sie sich die britischen und amerikanischen Zone Karten

Aloe chabaudii Informationen

Plants are stemless even in mature specimens, many suckers are produced. Aloe chabaudii has neat rosettes and it will form clumps as it matures. Leaves are white spotted on both surfaces in young plants while mature plants are without spots, although faint lines may be present. Leaves are dull green in colour and the margins are armed with short, evenly-spaced, firm white teeth. Inflorescences are complex with many head-shaped racemes. Flowers are red or pinkish in colour.

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Heimisch in, South Africa, Zimbabwe

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