Pinanga kontumensis

Family: Arecaceae    Palme

Gemeinsamer Name: Keine bekannt

Klimazone: 9a     Sehen Sie sich die britischen und amerikanischen Zone Karten

Pinanga kontumensis Informationen

To 3 m tall. Stems 0.7 cm diameter, height and branching unknown, densely covered with reddish-brown scales. Sheaths closed, forming crownshafts, 7.5–8.5 cm long, densely covered with reddish-brown scales; ocreas 3 mm long; petioles 2–3.5 cm long, scaly as the sheaths; rachis 14.5–23.5 cm long; pinnae 3 per side of rachis, falcate, not contracted at the bases, middle pinna 15–18 cm long, 5.5–6 cm wide at the middle, apical pinna 5.5–7 cm long, 3–4 cm wide at the middle, praemorse; veins prominent and raised adaxially. Inflorescences infrafoliar, erect; peduncles 2–3 cm long, 0.2 cm wide; prophylls not known; rachis absent; rachilla 1, 9–10.5 cm long, ± rectangular in cross-section, glabrous; triads distichously arranged; staminate flowers not known; pistillate flowers (post-anthesis) 3 mm high; sepals 3, 2 mm long, widely spreading, not closely imbricate, not acuminate, minutely ciliate; petals 3, 3 mm long, widely spreading, not closely imbricate, acuminate, minutely ciliate; immature fruits 1.5 cm long, 0.4 cm diameter, ellipsoid, slightly curved, white or yellowish; endosperm homogeneous.

Allgemeine Informationen:
A new species described in 2008 from central Vietnam. Similar to Pinanga cupularis in its small size, spicate inflorescences and homogeneous endosperm but differing in its erect (versus pendulous) inflorescences and free and imbricate (versus cupular) pistillate perianth. It differs from other Vietnamese Pinanga in its widely spreading (versus closely imbricate) pistillate perianth.


Heimisch in, Vietnam

Montaine rain forest at 1000-2000 m elevation.

Ort: Vietnam (14.777480°N, 108.235069°E)

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