Ravenea declivium

Family: Arecaceae    Palme

Gemeinsamer Name: Keine bekannt

Klimazone: 10a     Sehen Sie sich die britischen und amerikanischen Zone Karten

Ravenea declivium Informationen

A large, acaulescent (stemless) solitary palm restricted to rock outcrops, tending to grow on the lip of cliffs and on outcrops beside dry stream courses. It has a very short stem, decumbent at the base, ca. 35 cm diameter and covered with old leaf bases. There are about 8 leaves to 2 m long in the crown; petioles are glaucous, and the leaflets are few in number, distant, curved, very dark green and hooded, and unusually broad; they have an almost succulent texture. Male inflorescences are solitary or multiple in the leaf axis and females are solitary.

Allgemeine Informationen:
Newly described in 2012. Differing from all other species in the genus by the combination of acaulescent habit with decumbent stem and the leaves with few, strongly coriaceous very broad glaucous leaflets.


Heimisch in, Madagascar

286 m elevation on Mt. Ivohibe, Tsitongambarika, Madagascar.

Ort: Madagascar (-24.343084°N, 47.123623°E)

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